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筆名「阿丹」,昔日開闢「現象觀測站」等專欄超過十年以上時間,性好網路人文、文化及產業觀察。超過 20 年的網路產業觀察及經驗,踏入網路界前,在各式大小軟體公司待過,也曾在 Yahoo! 、Google、線上遊戲公司任職。

  • Nah..Mark. No complaints.

    Just wanna share my thought. It’s good and happy to work at Google – I’m so honor to be the first PM lead they’ve hired outside the States. And I guess I’m also the first native Taiwanese PM they’ve ever hired.

  • No kidding, so the little complaint before your Japan trip actually results in this?

    Well, guess if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. Best of luck on your next gig!