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筆名「阿丹」,昔日開闢「現象觀測站」等專欄超過十年以上時間,性好網路人文、文化及產業觀察。超過 20 年的網路產業觀察及經驗,踏入網路界前,在各式大小軟體公司待過,也曾在 Yahoo! 、Google、線上遊戲公司任職。

  • Thanks Betty – what you said is actually what I thought and frankly Yahoo also cared about their employees as well as their family too and my family also was frequently being invited to join my company events previously at Yahoo – that’s the different part.

    And after a very long struggling, I finally made such a decision. I did not expect this will change or improve within 2008 and I think my family will even suffer more.that’s not healthy….*sigh*

    Thanks for all your help previously, I will stop by and meet you all when the new office is settled later. 🙂

  • betty

    I would like to say that not every American is like your ex-manager. The US company I used to work also values employees’ family life. After all, Life should be balanced. I guess your boss is single (maybe he doesn’t have girlfriend either) so he looks at things differently. I also think this company has too many business travels and sometimes wonder if it is really necessary because there is a lot of available technology that can overcome the distances’ problems. I think you made a right decision. If the situation is not going to change, then your family will have to suffer. No one would regret that he should have worked more at the time he says goodbye to this world.
    Wish you the best!

  • Thanks George and Mark. Yup, I have a very good Japan trip. Will post the photos and stories later this week. 🙂

  • I hope you leave it behind for your vacation. At this point, you have said whatever you want to say, so now just let it unfold itself. Play hard at Japan! 🙂

  • I hope all is well with you Danny.

    Life is good, but there’s still obstacles. You’re strong & intelligent, I’m sure you’ll get through these hard times.

    I wish all the best to you and your family, and have a happy chinese new year!