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筆名「阿丹」,昔日開闢「現象觀測站」等專欄超過十年以上時間,性好網路人文、文化及產業觀察。超過 20 年的網路產業觀察及經驗,踏入網路界前,在各式大小軟體公司待過,也曾在 Yahoo! 、Google、線上遊戲公司任職。

  • Oh, so very happy for you, Danny. Hopefully, my kid is gonna catcup up soon. Watching the kid growing up is just so much fun. I am sure you feel the same way too.

  • Hopefully Annie. I think Jeremy will be fine to travel abroad next year. 🙂

  • Very happy for you Danny. Hope I get to meet the little one some day!